Tile Installation Prices

Please use this table as a guide for estimating your tile installation pricing. Please note that all tile installations need to be individually priced. If you need assistance, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (706) 529-5810.

Standard Ceramic Tile Floors 16x16 or less $4.00 sq ft
Upsize Ceramic Tile Floors 18x18 or larger $4.50

sq ft

For Diagonal Pattern or Dots   $1.00 sq ft
Wall Tile   $5.50 sq ft
Back Splashes   $30.00 lin ft
Showers & Tubs standard $22.00 sq ft
  custom - diagonal or dots $35.00 sq ft
Seat   $150.00 sq ft
Recess Soap Dish   $150.00 each
Feature Strips or Listellos   $6.00 lin ft
Trip Charges for 25 Miles and Over (mileage based on Map Quest)   $.75 mile
Minimum Charge (does not include mileage)   $300.00 each
Time Loss Fee (minimum 1 hour wait)
Time starts as soon as installer calls in.
Maximum 3 hr wait, then will be minimum plus trip charge.
  $60.00 hour