Vinyl Installation Prices

Please use this table as a guide for estimating your vinyl flooring installation pricing. If you need assistance, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (706) 529-5810.

Standard Vinyl   $7.50 sq yds
Loose Lay Vinyl   $6.50 sq yds
Commercial & 6 ft Vinyl   $10.00 sq yds
Remove Old Vinyl Glue Down $10.00 sq yds
  Loose or Perimeter $1.50 sq yds
Embossing Leveling   $3.00 sq yds
Floor Patching   $1.50 sq yds
Install Sub-Floor 4 x 8 Sheets $30.00 each
Remove & Re-place Furniture   $1.25 sq yds
Remove & Re-place Appliances   $25.00 each
Remove & Re-place Toilets   $45.00 each
Remove & Replace Shoemolding (Customer responsible for new molding)   $1.00 lin. ft
Trip Charges for 25 Miles and Over (Mileage based on MapQuest)   $.75 mile
Minimum Charge (does not include mileage)   $300.00 each
Time Loss Fee (minimum 1 hour wait)
Time starts as soon as installer calls in.
Maximum 3 hr wait, then will be minimum plus trip charge.
  $60.00 hour